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Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure Roomer Hotelreservation Software 

Roomer is a real-time web-based platform that can be tailored to your needs. Web-based software is software you can use over the internet with a web browser. You do not need to install anything, download any software, worry about upgrades and updates. Thanks to our user-friendly approach, a specialized training is not needed to work with Roomer PMS but we are more than happy to help you out!

Web based software

Why is web-based software better for my hotel?
When you use web-based software you don’t have to worry about anything technical – you can just do your work and focus on your guests and staff. Roomer handles all the security and uptime, backups and upgrades. You can stay focused on what you’re good at and we’ll handle the rest. In addition Roomer has an integrated Channel Manager within the PMS. All pricing updates, bulk updates and availabilities can be managed in Roomer and all adjustments will be send out from Roomer to the channels you need within a matter of seconds. All your reservations will drop into the Roomer PMS and you will not miss any reservation anymore. Your prices can be easily managed from one platform, Roomer. Furthermore your cash register software, finance software and many other partners can be connected to Roomer thanks to the Open API. And do not worry about safety matters, all your transactions are save and secure due to the smart Roomer PCI compliant technology. 

Web-based key advantage
A key advantage to web-based software is that all your data is centralized and accessible over the web from any computer at any time. You can get to the data from anywhere. Safe, secure and password protected. Since everyone you work with logs into the same centralized account, you have a single database with everything in one place. No more worrying about who has the latest information: every colleague has it and Roomer doesn’t charge a fee per user so you can have as many co-workers working in Roomer as you want. 

Web-based software is safer
With traditional software, employees save data on their laptops, USB drives, or portable hard drives. It’s not as safe as it sounds. When you use our Roomer web-based software, your data is stored on secure, always-updated, backed-up daily enterprise-class servers in a state-of-the-art and highly-secure data center. Our software and infrastructure is updated regularly with the latest security patches. The traffic on our network flows behind an enterprise-class firewall to keep your data safe. You’re always using the latest and greatest. Unlike traditional software and cloud-based systems that requires you to download and install updates yourself, our PMS is updated automatically.  

Web-based software allows you to work from home, work, or on the road.
When you use a web-based software your office is everywhere. At work, at home, at a client’s office, even on your iPad. Your data is accessible anywhere with internet access.

Web-based software allows you to work with any browser and supports MacBook!
Our software works on any platform with a web browser and internet connection. All are supported, you can freely choose the hard- and software you use (PC, MAC, Linux, Windows). Additionally, all browsers are supported by Roomer and you can use the browser (Chrome, Explorer etc.) which you prefer to enter Roomer PMS.


  • Future proof
  • Quick and easy to learn
  • Intuitive and enjoyable user experience
  • Simple administration
  • Automated communication
  • Available and accessible from any place at any time
  • Platform independent
  • No large investments in hardware required
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Applications are constantly improved and updated live 
  • Easy to scale
  • Professional hosting and security


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